Jill Jarrell | Librarian

Flexible | Creative | Innovative

Whether I am working with children, teens, college students or adults--I consider everyone of us to be lifelong learners and my first responsibility as a librarian is to give my patrons the tools necessary to learn independently and successfully.

I thrive on exploring new technologies that take library resources to our patrons wherever they may be. From online databases and virtual reference assistance to innovative service points, I regard all of these tools to be valuable components of a vibrant library system. However, I am adamant that whatever tools we use, they must make discovery straightforward and intuitive.

I consider flexibility to be inherent in the continuing role of the library as an effective community organization. Flexibility demands creative thinking and the exploration of all possibilities. To maximize my flexibility, I am an avid collaborator. I love working on teams and gaining the advantage of multiple perspectives. By pulling together all of our ideas, we can then create innovative delivery methods for connecting our patrons to the resources they need to succeed.